How we decided to Offer French Dining...

2019/08/02 INFORMATION





In our Restaurant Casablanca International Cuisine we have served mainly Mexican Food and some other dishes for over a Year. Our old Chef was a specialist of south American Food especially from Mexico. 
Including various Mustards types made our dishes unique and very tasty. At the same time very simple and delicious meals. 

After almost two years of having a distinctiv mexican kitchen new challenges have come our way. Our old Chef unfortunately left our restaurant with what he was giving us new tasks:

Deciding a new Menu and finding a new Chef

We were looking for something exculsive and exceptional which fits our Restaurant name Casablanca International Cuisine. An attractive Menu for both the local people of Inamuragasaki and the many Tourist who pass everyday.
At the same time we met Monsieur Hori and realised his skills in French Dining. After tasting his delicisous Food we were convinced this was the best solution for our little Restaurant in the Kamakura area. 

In only two weeks we have changed the whole Menu and prepared our Restaurant for our Guests.
Since August the 14th you can enjoy French Dining at the Casablanca International Cuisine. 

We are offering weekly changing Course Menus for Lunch and Dinner and a Grand Menu for our guests who want to have single dishes. 
Please also try our House-Made desserts from Monsieur Hori

We are looking forward to serving you!